Thesis of online enrollment system

The school is using the manual way of enrollment system that is time consuming because of too much paper works. Our system is very efficient to use because is user friendly. The system is protected by username and password that enables users such as the registrar, cashier, student and the admin. Each user has its own account that the administrator can simply edit and update the account.

The registrar, cashier, student and administrator have different function when it comes with the usage of the system. The registrar focus on the student information, the cashier is in charge of the payments of the each student.

The student can view their account and their schedule using the students account. The administrator can view all the records of the student account and assessment. Student records maybe lost because of too many records in the school, files or records can be easily misplaced. Enrollment procedure is done manually. The features of the new system are quite different than the old system. In the student information or account, students can access their account using their own username and password. They can view the schedules and the assessment. Administrator has the control for everything the username and password of both registrar and cashier; also can view all the records of the school the student information, student account and assessment.

Student Information, Registration and Enrollment. The finding is that Student records maybe lost because of too many records in the school. Files or records can be misplaced.

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The registration is being done using registration forms that students should fill-up; also enrollment procedure is manually operated. Conclusion, Using the new system the student information is saved in the database and is secured and will not be lost and always available. With the new system registration is being done in the web, registrar will input the information about the student. Features of the proposed system?

Much more than documents.

The finding is that the system will have been useful in terms of enrollment and online information about the school. The conclusion is Usage of the new system will greatly affect. Information, Registration and Enrollment. Findings is In terms of student information, records will be stored in the database that is easily retrieved by the user. Registration using the manual system uses paper and ball pen that enrollee should fill-up the information needed; also enrollment is manually operated. Conclusion is Student Information will be displayed in the web.

Admin, registrar and Cashier will can view the student information. Registrar will do the encoding of the students profile. Enrollment will be less work because payments will print by the cashier. The project phases includes the student information that has Student schedule, Assessment and Profile. The deliverables of student information has student schedule, assessment and students profile and recommendation is using the students account student can view their profile, total assessment and schedule of classes.

Registrar can view the student information. The key mile-stones is good for 3 years and the people involve are the Registrar and Student their dependencies ix. Another project phases is the registration that includes update record, upload picture, delete record, insert record and view records. Deliverables is Registrar updates, upload and delete records of the student; also can view all the records regarding the.

The people involve are the registrar and the student their dependencies are the registrar to administrator.

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The next project phase is the enrollment that has payment and print receipt. The deliverables is Cashier receives the payment of the student and can print the payment of the student. The recommendation for this Cashier is responsible for the payments of the student weather it is new or old. The people involve are the student and cashier their dependencies are Student to Cashier.

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They then grateful to the following: Mrs. Rhodora Faye Alim Brosas, our adviser for continuous support, for freely giving her time and for sharing her ideas and suggestions for the completion of this study. Maria Charmy Antiquiera-Arispe, the Capstone Project Coordinator for her unending and untiring support and efforts, for her patience and kindness, and also for giving some advises which help us to finish the study on time. Llandelar, for being the proponents panel and accommodating us during our data gathering procedure and for giving us his time to answer our questions related to the study.

Our beloved parents and relatives, for bearing with us in all our needs, and for being understanding to complete this study. And above all, to the Heavenly Father, for the strength and intercessions.

Software Development Model. Gantt Chart. Compliance Report. Figure No. The founder was a graduate of St. She retired her Career in the year After her retirement she thought of two things of what she will do during her retirement period. She planned of building a community for retired citizen or putting up a first class pre-school. After a couple of months of thinking, she finally decided to put-up a first class pre-school.

In the same year she decided to look for ideas on how to manage a school for multiple intelligence, so she went to Michigan to look for any school ideas, one of the school staff in Michigan introduced the book of Howard Gardner that will helped her on how to manage school for multiple. In December , she together with her relatives, went back to the Philippines.

On February she consulted her brothers, sister and also she consulted the educators as well as DECS personnel on how to put up this Multi Intelligence School. After conferring, she decided to put up the school as soon as possible. The aim of the school is to provide this kind of meaningful education in a family like atmosphere of joy, open communication, freedom and creativity, which is instrumental for the children to learn without fear or inhibition.

Admission and enrollment of 1st academic year - UAB Barcelona

The establishment has fully air-conditioned room, has its play center and steadily increasing yearly. The school opened in the month of July , and it started with only 7 nursery student and 2 faculty members and now they will soon to open a secondary level. Aware of the advantage of the world wide web which is affordable to everyone, the researchers decided to design an Online Enrollment System for PEP Learning Center which will cater on providing information about the school and its activities, and most importantly making the enrollment system online.

For the technology, it will make them more advanced in such a way of enrolling the student by using an advance technology. It discusses all about the purpose of the system and its description: Problem Identification 1. What are the problems encountered in the existing system in terms of: a. Student Information b. Registration c.

Enrollment; and 2. What are the features of the proposed system? What implementation plan should be developed in terms of: a. Enrollment; and. The process of the enrollment system of the school begins if a student wants to enroll.

Thesis on online enrollment

He or she should pass first the entrance exam in order to continue for enrolling. Then the enrollee proceeds to the cashier for payment of the initial fee upon enrollment. This is how the existing system works. Description of Proposed System The purpose of this study aims to develop an Online Enrollment System designed for the benefits of enrollees and for the administrators of the school and to help the PEP Learning Center of having a fast and accurate enrollment system flow.