Senior project reflective essay

Each one has something to it that represents who I am and the potential that I have. That was a lot of weight off my back right at the beginning. A great thing about the required pieces is that a lot of the essays were done previously in other classes. I touched up a few of them, but left them for the most part so I could see how my writing changed as I grew up.

I approached the pieces I wrote this year with an organizer to get my thoughts straight and to make sure I had all of the information I needed. I love to do this because it makes my writing better and quicker to write. I believe that the letter to my future self helped to represent me the best out of all of the pieces.

It shows my personality in the content and style of writing I chose to use.

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What I expect out of my future self is a dream that I have and hope to achieve. I know that this, I can do, and will not be something that I will want to procrastinate on. If I had the chance to do it differently for a grade, I would have made each page in a physical scrapbook as I went. When each writing piece was done, I would have printed it out and decorated it one at a time.

I did most of this project in school, but I should have done more at home. It would have left more time at the end to relax and left less stress.

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This obviously shows I am a procrastinator. I have these big dreams, but I need to follow them through. I usually have my time planned out, but I end up doing something else instead, such as hang out with my friends.

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It looks very organized and professional, something I like to do with my work. This aspect describes me very well, because organizing is something I do in everyday things. Based on the scrapbook rubric, I think I deserve a high B to a low A. I got everything done on time and put into a scrapbook the way it should be, and even added a little bit of my own flare.

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Restorative Practice Better outcomes through solution fluency. The critical thinking companion the ultimate critical thinking guide. November 06, Are they mostly positive or negative?

Senior Project Reflective Essay

If positive, what comes to mind specifically? What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the problem? About myself? About others? What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so? What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so? What is the most important thing I learned personally?

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How did I incorporate the 6Ds of Solution Fluency throughout this experience? When did I realize that I had come up with my final best solution? How do I feel my solution relates to real-world situations and problems? What most got in the way of my progress, if anything?

Senior Reflective Essay Outline:

How well did I and my team communicate overall? When did my collaborative communications fall short of the group's expectations, if ever? What were some things my teammates did that helped me to learn or overcome obstacles? How did I help others during this process?

How do I feel I may have hindered others?