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Nurse practitioner career goals essay example

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Writing Your Nurse Practitioner School Personal Statement

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Professional Goals in Nursing Name Institution Professional goals in nursing These are statements that help professionals define where they want to be or what they want to achieve within a given time frame. They provide direction to people in their careers to deliver the best and grow.

Goals are usually termed as short-term or long-term depending on the period they are set to be achieved.

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This acronym has been used to evaluate the appropriateness of set goals to organizational goals or career development American Nurses Association, This paper discusses short-term and long-term goals, how they relate to my professional career development and ways to achieve them and professional goals that help focus on my transition from RN to NP practice. This is due to the fear of new environments, expectations, anxiety to achieve more, educational training and new responsibilities and colleagues.

This makes the transition dreadful and stressing to some of them.

A successful transition requires the RN to understand the transition, know that much is expected from them and get a formal orientation as an NP Hill, The RNs should also be driven by some goals that help to propel the rate of transition and its efficiency. These include goals like participation in delivery of care in different environments to reduce health disparities and the application of current technology and innovations to make healthcare accessible and offer quality and affordable care.

Short-term Goals These take a short period to be realized preferably Do you need a custom essay? Order right now:. Other Topics:. Descriptive Statistics for BP and Pulse Description: In compliance to the requirements of this paper, the researcher measured his blood pressure BP and pulse for ten 10 consecutive days beginning February 27 to March 8, Description: Write narrative Self Evaluation upon completing the school nurse clinical experience.

This is to be a one-page summary of school nurse clinical experience Description: Based on your research, what do you believe the future role of government will be in the delivery of health care? Order Now. Short Term goals My first short term goal is to complete the bachelor program here at Jacksonville University to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. My second short term goal may be far-fetched, but I plan on completing this program within a year.

With that goal in mind, I know one of the obstacles I will run into is time management. How do I plan to accomplish this goal in such short time?

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By planning, organizing and managing. I plan to accomplish this within the next 5 years. Mentor Selection The first step to me becoming a nurse started with my cousin who encouraged me to enroll into an LPN program with her. We completed the program together then moved to Gainesville, Florida to continue our educational goals.

I enrolled into the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. To make a long story short I did not attend the first day of class but instead move back home to West Palm Beach.

Program Outcomes

My cousin, however continued on with her goals and today is working as a Family Nurse Practitioner and will be complete with her doctorate in nursing in December of this year. My cousin is an inspiration to me and has been my mentor since I return to nursing school. I chose her as my mentor because the position she holds as a nurse practitioner is what I aspire to become.

Plans for transition to this role 1. Obtain Bachelor of nursing degree 2. Obtain Masters of nursing degree 3. Complete Nurse Practitioner exam 4. Complete certification for specialty a.

My First Semester of Nurse Practitioner School

Nurse practitioners also have a limited ability to prescribe medication to their patients. If the nurse would like work in a specialty area they will have to obtain additional certification. I am not sure what the availability for this role will be once I complete the necessary programs but I predict that the demand for nurses will continue to be a necessity.

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The pros of this role for me is the ability to provide care without the direct supervisor of a doctor with the ability to open my own practice. The cons are the added stress that comes with this role of being on call and having to make some medical decisions without direct consult of… Show More.

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