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Queer Theory also analyzes general inversions of dominant constructs within a given text. Psychoanalysis: Having begun with Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalytic Theory attempts to understand the unconscious and subconscious of authors as their desires may manifest within literature. Marxism: Marxism analyzes both structures of control and circulation of capital.

Marxism asks who has the power and what gives them that power within any given work of literature. Example: The major players of the text have considerable wealth, either belonging to the royal family or having some kind of noble blood. Non-royal characters, such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, are expendable, their deaths off-screen and holding little impact. In academia, you will rarely find scholarly articles that use only one method of analysis.

It is common, for instance, to see a scholar take a Marxist, Feminist, and New Historicist approach to a text, or maybe a Queer and Deconstructionist approach. This breakdown is simply to help identify such approaches, and perhaps inspire you to analyze literature under these approaches on your own. Chicago Manual Style. Though you may hope that your professor is requesting that you turn in a deep dish pizza with your finished essay, this is not the case.

While Chicago style formatting is not as delicious as deep dish pizza, it is no cause for alarm. Some people cling to MLA as it is familiar to them, but Chicago is very easy, and has a cleaner look to it on the page. Do not worry, you too can learn this wonderful formatting style! Here are simple tips for formatting your paper in Chicago style:. This number will correspond to a footnote at the bottom of the page.

Not sure how that works in Word?

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It should look something like this:. Image courtesy of community. How do you format these citations or in-text citations you ask? Never fear! It is also quite simple.

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Fancy Title of Book. Fancy place of publication: Publisher name, publication year , page number s. Sense and Sensibility. New York: W. Norton and Co. Lastname, Firstname. Place of publication: Publisher name, publication. Austen, Jane. If you have authors, then still write out all of their names. How can you let someone know what your experiences were really like? The answer to that question is: travel writing. But you can also write about not-so-glamorous experiences, like riding the broken-down metro or getting lost in the back alleys of Budapest.

You can travel write about your hometown: What is there to do? What aspects of the town do people first notice? Interested yet? If you have yet to go to your destination-of-choice, be sure to bring a journal when you do.

Jot down notes about things that strike you. What are your first impressions? What makes the place unique? What is an encounter that might be interesting or amusing to retell? If you have already been to your destination and are writing about it after-the-fact, try to mentally travel back to that place, and ask yourself the same questions: What features of the place stood out to you? What vibe did you get from the people? We are so glad that a grant-funded program spearheaded by Assistant Director Laurie Greenberg will let us have Writing Center fellows on our staff to help our students gain greater literacy and writing fluency.

Exciting and inspiring, Brad! I love the website redesign and those sailboats make me nostalgic here in landlocked Iowa. The range of ways the Writing Center is engaging with the university community and beyond is just amazing. Thanks for this post! I have my first shift of the year tomorrow morning, and now I am more excited than ever to get underway. Cheers to your 30th year!

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Thanks, Brad, for sharing this news! And thank you for collaborating with the Odyssey Project. I am very excited to be connecting with Odyssey students through writing. The conversations, the discovery, the mentoring and support that takes place over a written piece is invaluable. Emily and her team are doing good work with that program. Odyssey and the Writing Center, what an amazing collaboration!

The new design looks fantastic! The large format photos simply look cool! And overall design is very clean and professional! The flexible design works great, by the way!

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Congrats to Mike for for all his hard work! Could I use more exclamation marks? Every time I talk about the Writing Center! It looks like another action-packed semester Writing Center—so much happening, and in so many places. So thanks Brad, for all the work that you do to make these connections happen.

And great work on the website as well—it looks terrific! Wow—what a semester and year is ahead of us! To echo the sentiments expressed above, the UW Madison Writing Center with Brad at the helm is amazing in the number of activities it has and the amount of good it does for writing and writing pedagogy.

You have an Outreach Team? My goodness—all we have here at Iowa is myself and a teaching assistant! Brad, this is amazing and very impressing!

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And still — you and your team did not only provide fantastic summer programs but still go on with new things. Congratulations and have a happy start into the new semester! Best regards from Germany. Thank you for the enlightening post, Brad. Prior to reading your article, I was certainly aware that the Writing Center sponsored many workshops and partnered with many programs across campus, but I was certainly not aware of just how many workshops and just how many programs the center had its hands in—wow! Thanks for sharing all of these exciting updates, Brad! And I love the new blog design! The mentoring you have provided around assignment design, peer writing, and so many other topics continues to prove invaluable to our early-career faculty participants.

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Many thanks to you and your team for your continued, cross-campus commitment to teaching and learning on campus. Can I express a little awe here? I continue to be floored, each and every semester, by how much the Writing Center and its many passionate, talented contributors get done.

A beautifully redesigned new blog? New programs and partnerships with even more groups around campus?

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Detailed plans for a brand-new, cutting-edge, student-focused computer lab? And, of course, all of that while still teaching and aiding students, faculty, staff, and community members all over Madison. But what I think gets me about all this is the fact that these things happen, not for prestige of the program or for self-gain, but because the people involved care about this teaching. They really, really care. Correction: they really, really, really, really, really, and just for good measure really care.