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My S had some difficulty with this question, too. I am not entirely sure that his response actually answered the question, but he basically wrote about how he likes to engage in 'meaningful conversation' with people and used some examples of discussions he's had with family members about a few controversial topics. Recent Activity Would a creative writing topic be acceptable to write about Common App. Would a creative writing topic be acceptable to write about Common App Essay. Anyone down to look over my essays. Essay Length. Should I make an astrology joke in my common app essay?

On April 1, , Prince announced his retirement, effective at the end of the — academic year. Hexter was inaugurated on October 15, The appointment made Hampshire one of a small number of colleges and universities in the United States with an openly gay president. Professor Marlene Gerber Fried was interim president for one year from to Jonathan Lash was named the sixth president of the College in May, , joining Hampshire as an internationally recognized expert on global sustainability, climate change, and environmental challenges and solutions.

He has been appointed by two US Presidents to serve on a national environmental council and commission. Lash served until , and was followed by the College's seventh president, Miriam Nelson , who began her appointment in July, but resigned in April, after the failure of her plan for Hampshire to merge or partner with another institution.

Johnson Library has extensively documented the College's history between and , accessible on the College's Website. On August 23, , the school announced the establishment of a scholarship fund dedicated to helping undocumented students get degrees.

On January 15, , president Miriam Nelson announced that due to rising costs the college was planning to merge with another institution in the immediate future, with consideration given to not accepting a new freshman class for Fall Potential partnerships with the college's founding Five College institutions or the nearby Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield had not been formally announced.

Furthermore, early admission students were released from their pledge to attend Hampshire College. Some alumni protested this decision, as well as many students, who organized sit-ins in the Dean of Students office and the Office of the President, demanding more transparency from the administration and board of trustees and for student, staff, and faculty voices to be taken into account in decision-making processes.

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Due to a technicality, this vote was declared invalid and they planned to reschedule the vote. Shortly thereafter the Board of Trustees announced the decision to prioritize remaining independent through a capital campaign led by alumnus Ken Burns. The first round of layoffs primarily affected the admissions and fundraising offices, effective April 19, In September , there was an incoming class of 13 students and total enrollment was projected to be students about half of typical enrollment due to decreased retention rates, however around ended up returning for the fall semester.

Hampshire College describes itself as "experimenting" rather than "experimental", to emphasize the changing nature of its curriculum. From its inception, the curriculum has generally had certain non-traditional features:. The curriculum is divided into three "divisions" rather than four grade-years: [28]. Hampshire College is the youngest of the schools in the Five-College Consortium. The other schools are Amherst College , Mt.

Students at each of the schools may take classes and borrow books at the other schools, generally without paying additional fees. They may use resources at the other schools, including internet access, dining halls, and so forth.

The five colleges collectively offer over 5, courses, and the five libraries have over eight million books. There are two joint departments in the five-college consortium: Dance and Astronomy. Hampshire College stopped accepting SAT and ACT scores of applicants in , in an attempt to be fair to minority and low-income applicants, and to focus assessment on data better correlated with college success and on a longer period of time rather than a single high-pressure test. As a result, it was dropped from the U. The next year, the college said this move decreased the quantity but increased the quality and diversity of applicants, eliminated the incentive to "game" the US News and World Report ranking by admitting less-qualified students with higher numerical scores or encouraging unqualified students to apply.

Opened on April 26, , the R. Kern Center is the 17th Living Building in the world certified under the advanced green-building standard, the Living Building Challenge.

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It operates net-zero energy, water, and waste. The building is powered by solar panels on its roof, supplies its own drinking water by harvesting rainwater from its roof, manages its wastewater on site, and contains composting toilets. The Kern Center was built using materials from local sources without the use of any toxic "red list" materials; even materials such as duct tape were chosen carefully to comply with strict environmental standards.

President Jonathan Lash stated that "[w]ith this building we have sought to reflect our values, in the inclusive design process, the design and materials, our construction practices, and our reporting about the building In every way, the Kern Center was built to learn and teach.

They wait for permission to switch to full operation of its solar energy. The solar panel array is a part of the college's main goal - to be climate-neutral by according to their extensive Climate Action Plan developed in April They began construction in February Two witness tests were conducted in June and its final one conducted November Since June , part of the solar array has been powering the college. The solar panels cover 19 acres consisting of 15, panels which will eventually produce 4.


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Hampshire College contracted with SolarCity to install the panels. The 4. Other solar sources on campus contribute to the primary solar array's power production: the Kern Center rooftop solar arrays, the CSA Barn, the president's house, and the Longworth Arts Center canopy. The president stated that "[t]his is the challenge that our students and every other student is going to face in the next 20 years, how to turn the US economy into a low-carbon economy So that was reason number one.

Since , Hampshire College has been involved in various projects to "transform its food systems, campus operations, curriculum and campus culture to embrace sustainability. In , the college was the first in the world to divest from fossil-fuels. In , they developed the Climate Action Plan for climate neutrality by In the main traffic circle and parking lot was eliminated and turned into a meadow. They also stopped mowing dozen acres of lawns in hopes of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, saving landscaping expenses and creating wildlife and plant habitats.

In the same year, they installed an electric car-charging station behind the library.

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In , Hampshire College pledged to continue to support climate action and reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. They signed the We Are Still In campaign along with 2, total signers. Contact the Office of Freshman Admission with any questions related to application requirements, or if you need assistance in completing your application.

As we look at your application, our first consideration is your academic background. SNHU is excited to share their participation in the Reimagining College Access RCA pilot; a program launched by the Learning Policy Institute designed to create opportunities for students to provide evidence of their deeper learning and higher-order skills in the college application process.

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As a result, first-year students applying to SNHU for the fall semester will be invited to submit performance assessment artifacts as part of their Common Application. This is entirely optional and not a requirement for admission. Depending on the program's accreditation, home-schooled students must submit the following requirements:.

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Home-schooled, non-accredited program: If the home school program is not accredited, the student must meet all state regulations put forth by their home state and the state of New Hampshire, and should submit a portfolio including course descriptions, an annotated reading list, and graded work for review.