Gcse graphics coursework project

An audio selector that has an audio pre-amplifier built in and selection of up to four source inputs with LED indication. This uses a cheap AM transmitter and receiver to send a signal from the source Eeyore ornament to a reciever in the black case. The level of noise is displayed on an LED scale.

This won a Rotary Club prize fro the student. A simple timed alarm based on a monostable and activated by a vibration switch.

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The siren used is very loud indeed reaching dB with a 9v battery!! Uses spoke magnets and a reed switch. Requires a PIC micro-controller. This produces a random number from 1 to 49 and displays it on a large 7 segment display. A simple fast counter with logic to star counting from 1 instead of 0. A 12 volt LED light that tirggers automatically from a PIR detector and then uses a monostable to stay on for a fixed amount of time. This uses a PIR detector to activate a solenoid which presses the button on a disposable camera.

Simple monstables to provide timing up to 30 minutes with an audible buzzer output. The last one activates a speech recorder unit which plays a short message and the LEDs go out when the time is up. A 2 digit electronic dice with sound. Shake the die to roll some numbers from 1 to 6. Note : Requires a ptogrammed PIC - available from our shop. This version is much simpler and uses a counter and logic to produce a random value from 1 to 6 in the traditional patterns.

A light operated circuit that sounds an alarm for an adjustable period of time when the fridge door is opened. Ensures the door stays closed and also good for food junkies!! Keep track of your score digitally with this pocket sized scorecard. It uses the same circuit as the snooker scoreboard. These are guitar amplifiers design for headphones and to be easily portable.

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They feature a mW amplifier and run from 4 AA batteries. These guitar amplifiers have a higher output to drive speakers. They are around 3W and need substantial batteries or power supplies. A "Fuzz" effects circuit that distorts guitar sound to produce the classic sound for electric guitars.

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Run from a 9v battery and has controls for fuzz and depth. Tunes to middle A - Hz.

GCSE Art - Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Note : Requires a PIC programmer. Pre-programmed PIC available. An intercom between a kitchen and lounge, with call facility, in the shape of a burger! The other end is also the shape of a bun. Provides timing from minutes in 5 minute intervals. A dual 7-segment display indicates time left.

A simple device to count the number of times medication has been taken in a day. Press the button to activate display.

Sketchbook Tour 2017: Graphics A Level - Jess Louise

Counter resets automatically after 24 hours. A basic metronome with adjustable tempo from around 50 beats to beats per minute. The pitch and duration of the tone can be adjusted to produce a variety of sounds.

AS Graphic Design – Clothing Brand / Costume Design

This metronome includes selection of 2,4,6,8 and10 beats to the bar. Tempo and pitch also adjustable. As the coins enter they trigger a switcfh which plays a tune recorded onto a voice recorder circuit. The case is vacuum formed and has a wooden back and base. A parking aid that relies on a car moving over a pressure pad that displays a warning to the driver. Graphics Aqa Coursework. The first unit of coursework will be completed in Year 10 and the second in Year Pupils will have the opportunity to select the topic on which their creative design portfolios will be based, from a list provided by OCR.

Graphics (GCSE)

Click on the links below to see our wide range of useful study resources. Students should produce at least one final made prototype, based on a design brief which will arise from Investigating one of three Contextual Challenges set by AQA. Release date: 1st June Time: hours recommended.

https://mansdentonadis.ml This GCSE Design and Technology course will help students to develop problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. You can attend a course at venues around the country, in your school or online whatever suits.