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Choosing a Topic for Comparison Essay

When it comes to structuring the outline for this kind of essay, there are different methods you can follow depending on the organization. This outline is primarily used to compare items or subjects that are almost similar or when you plan or have to evaluate only a few characteristics or criteria when comparing them. Use the diagram below to create the outline for the point-by-point pattern. Create the outline based on the diagram below. Block pattern can be structured in a different manner as well. Instead of the separate paragraph for each point, you compare, you can set out one section to name their similarities and a second paragraph to analyze dissimilarities point by point.

As seen in diagrams, the introduction should feature :. A total number of paragraphs in the body section depends on a number of aspects or criteria you have to discuss. Three criteria require three paragraphs, and so on. When you get the title and aspects to compare but without a certain number of criteria to cover similarities and differences, you have to brainstorm.

Take a blank piece of paper and write the first item in the left corner, the second item in the right corner. Make a Venn diagram and start analyzing.

Introduction to Compare and Contrast

To determine what to compare or differentiate answer these questions:. Then, you proceed with details you find when conducting research. Remember, just like in other types of essays, thorough research is highly relevant here, too. Every detail you find should be supported by substantial evidence, statistics, studies, official data, and so on.

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The introduction and conclusion are often standard paragraphs written at the beginning and end of an essay respectively. There are two primary manners to outline or structure the body of a compare and contrast essay:. Once a teacher gives students the two subject to be compared and contrasted, the students first go out and seek information about both topics. The first step is to identify the differences and similarities in the information. Then a way to sort out and organize the above information is sought and utilized.

The best and most common way of starting such an essay is to draw a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram is a very helpful organizational tool.

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It consists of two circles that overlap creating a single overlapping area and two non-overlapping areas. The diagram is then used to filter the information. The similar properties of the two subjects are written in the overlapping area while contrasting features are written in their respective non-overlapping areas. One can also use a table to classify the information presented in a clear and manageable way. Tables are relatively straightforward and easy to use. The conclusion of a compare and contrast essay should be able to summarize the major points presented in the body of the essay.

It should, however, go beyond a simple analysis. Once you are done writing your essay, all you are left with is revising it repeatedly so there are no typos, grammar or spelling mistakes or punctuation issues. This step also carries significant importance. If you are still unclear, go through some examples as they will help you get a clearer picture. Check out our blog on compare and contrast essay examples for better understanding!! What do all good essays have in common?

Like every other type of essay, a contrast and compare themed essay also needs an interesting and attention-grabbing subject. To choose good subject areas, you should always start by brainstorming. Below are some examples of compare and contrast essay topics, which will give you an idea of how to choose and construct a reasonable topic:. I hope the above-mentioned examples of topic help you understand that there are countless themes and ideas to choose from.

However, if you still have not decided on a topic then check out our blog for interesting compare and contrast essay topics. Keep these things in mind when writing a compare and contrast essay and you will rock the next paper. Once you have incorporated all these tips into your regime, I assure you that there is no stopping you from becoming a good essay writer. However, we do understand that things can still seem a little confusing. Don't worry, we also have a backup plan for you guys for those rainy days.

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How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay: 11 Steps

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